911 E Avenue H • Jerome, Idaho 83338

(208) 324-1911

Southern Idaho Regional Communications

The First First Responders


The mission of the Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center is to provide support and assistance to those public safety agencies operating within our four county region. This is accomplished by receiving or obtaining information pertaining to public safety service, correlating and analyzing that data, retaining and recording data, retrieving and distributing that information to those persons or agencies authorized to receive it. This emergency communications center is generally the first line in a chain of events, the purpose of which is to protect and serve the public.



We Are Now Accepting Applications for Emergency Communications Officer

Starting Wage For Public Safety Telecommunicators:

Click here for further wage and benefit information as well as job description and application


Kristy Churchman

                                          I am not a hero, but I am honored to work alongside so many of them.
We must find calm in the chaos.

Deputy Director

Angel Hunsaker



The next SIRCOMM Joint Powers Board meeting will be held on July 17, 2024 at 1:30 pm at the Jerome County Sherrif’s Office in the training room located at 2151 S Tiger Dr, Jerome, ID 83338.
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Calling 911 in an emergency situation is vital to getting the help you need, but many people don’t realize the importance of the dispatchers on the other line. KMVT visited SIRCOMM this morning

Call If You Can, Text If You Must!

You can now text 911 in case of an emergency.

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Twin Falls County


425 Shoshone St. N                                                                       

Sheriffs Office: 736-4000

County Court House 736-4000
Assessors Office 736-4010
Civil Section 736-4066
Court Services 736-4025
Jail 734-9090
Records 736-4073
DMV 733-7610
Landfill Office 734-5271
Parks and Rec 734-9491
Adult Probation & Parole 736-4230
Juv Probation & Parole 736-4215
Twin Falls Highway Dist 733-4062
Animal Shelter 736-2299

Murtaugh City

Highway Dept 432-5469
Fire Department 432-5275

Kimberly City


242 Hwy 30
Police Department
Fire Department 423-4336

Buhl City

203 Broadway Ave North
Police Department 543-4200
Fire Department 543-5664
Public Works 543-4522
Buhl Highway Dept 543-4298

Filer City

Filer Fire Department


300 Main St
Police Department 326-5000
Fire Department 326-4312
Water Department 326-5000
Filer Highway Dept 326-4415

Jerome City/Jerome County

Jerome County:www.jeromecountyid.us

Jerome City:

124 South Lincoln
Police Department 324-4328
Fire Department 324-2323
City Hall 324-8189
DMV 324-7589
Jail 324-7583
Public Works 324-9669
Animal Shelter 324-8436
300 North Lincoln
Sheriffs Office 324.8845
Rural Fire Dept 324-7468
Jerome Transfer Station 826-4150
Jerome Irrigation 324-7122
Landfill 825-4150
Jerome Highway Dept 324-4601
Animal Shelter 324-8436

Shoshone City/Lincoln County Sheriff


207 S Rail West
Police Department 886-2715
Fire Department 886-7500
City Hall 886-2030
Public Works 886-2030
111 West St
Sheriffs Office 886-2250
DMV 886-7755
Transfer Station 731-8510

Gooding County

http://goodingcounty.org/Gooding City

308 5th Ave W
Gooding Police Department 934-8436
Fire Department 934-8348
City Hall 934-5669
Public Works 934-5669
Pound 934-5626

Gooding Sherriff

624 Main St
Sheriffs Office 934-4421
Jail 934-4422
Fire Department 934-8348
DMV 934-4597
Transfer Station 934-4673
Highway Dept 934-5723

Wendell City

375 1st Ave E
Police Department 536-2935
Fire Department 536-5431
Highway Dist 536-6157
Transfer Station 536-2181

Hagerman City

110 Main St W
Hagerman City Hall 837-6636
Fire Department 837-4552

Bliss City

Covered by Gooding Sheriff 934-4421
FIre Department 352-1117
Idaho State Police: 208-736-3060
Air St. Lukes: 877-785-8537

Magic Valley Paramedics

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