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What’s New at SIRCOMM:

  • Radio Buildout-SIRCOMM recently completed a “Radio Buildout” involving all agency stakeholders. The build-out included the addition of radio frequencies to further enhance emergency communications and responsiveness to the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Joint Powers Board Expansion– Our Joint Powers Board was recently expanded to include a law enforcement representative.
  • SCADA-SIRCOMM now enjoys an alarm system that monitors entry, building temperature, radio equipment, and other necessary and important functions at each of our tower sites. .
  • Salmon Tower– SIRCOMM has moved to a new tower location at the Salmon Butte tower site. This move has improved communications in the southern portion of our service area.
  • Lumen Grant Phone Upgrade-SIRCOMM recently completed an upgrade to it’s entire phone system facilitated by a grant award from IPSCC of more than $370,000.
  • Additional Dispatch Stations-Two additional dispatch stations have been added to the SIRCOMM dispatch floor. These new stations will facilitate training and increase SIRCOMM’s ability to staff additional stations in the event of large scale emergency events.
  • Filer Green 16-SIRCOMM recently added this radio frequency to it’s arsenal of emergency frequencies. This channel will be enhance radio communications for Fire, Law Enforcement, and Medical services in the Filer and western Twin Falls county service area.
  • Skeleton Butte-SIRCOMM is currently implementing two additional frequencies at this eastern Jerome County location. This tower site will greatly enhance communications for all emergency responders in Jerome, Twin Falls, and Lincoln counties.
  • TF Mutual Aid Channels Added– The primary purpose for the addition of these two Twin Falls City Law Enforcement frequencies is to allow emergency communication between Twin Falls City law enforcement and Twin Falls County law enforcement.
  • MOU’s– A number of Memorandum of Understanding documents have been signed with various entities within the past 18 months. These MOU’s enhance and promote SIRCOMM’s mission to provide emergency services and promote positive relationships within our service area. Below are just some examples of these MOU’s:
    • HAM Radio-RACES occupation of Hansen Butte tower site
    • Twin Falls City Mutual Aid Channel Use
  • Hiring Standards Modified-SIRCOMM’s hiring process now includes the addition of a psychological evaluation for applicants interested in working as an Emergency Communications Officer. SIRCOMM continues to conduct thorough background,. drug testing, and polygraph examinations for all applicants.
  • Training Room Addition-SIRCOMM is currently proposing an expansion to it’s training room. This expansion of the training facility, located at the Jerome center, would accommodate training for a growing SIRCOMM staff, as well as act as a shared training center for stakeholder agencies in need of a modern, technologically current, training room.
  • Web Page Redesign-SIRCOMM has completed a new web page buildout that meets the needs of both agency and community stakeholders.
  • Bliss Tower Blue 13- In cooperation with White Cloud Communications, SIRCOMM is in the process of establishing enhanced communications with all emergency responders in the western portion of the Snake River. This newly implemented frequency will especially serve the needs of the Gooding Whitewater Rescue Team.

SIRCOMM Headquarters

SIRCOMM Headquarters are located at 911 E Avenue H, Jerome, Idaho 83338.
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