Our Mission

The mission of the Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center is to provide support and assistance to those public safety agencies operating within our four county region. This is accomplished by receiving or obtaining information pertaining to public safety service, correlating and analyzing that data, retaining and recording data, retrieving and distributing that information to those persons or agencies authorized to receive it. This emergency communications center is generally the first line in a chain of events, the purpose of which is to protect and serve the public.

 We Are Now Accepting Applications for 911 Dispatching Position.

****Starting wage is $16.52 an hour. For further wage and benefit information as well as job discription and application,
please click on the news tab located at the top right hand corner of the page and scroll down to job openings.
Sircomms Hiring Advert

Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center (SIRCOMM) seeks a Deputy Director in the administration of its regional 9-1-1 center.  The Deputy Director Position assists the Director in planning, organizing, staffing and directing the operation of the Center.

The ideal candidate must have excellent project management and communications skills in addition to advanced knowledge and experience in the areas of E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1.  This position understands public safety emergency programs and procedures, and is a vital link between the center and representatives of local law enforcement, fire departments, EMS agencies and quick response units (QRU). The ideal candidate must possess the ability to work effectively with subordinates, the public and political stakeholders, as well as initiate research and recommend actions over a range of public safety subjects including grants, project proposals, etc.

How to Apply

All potential applicants will be required to submit to a full background check including but not limited to a polygraph test, drug screen, vision and hearing test.

For further information and job specific application, please contact Director, John Moore, or Administrative Assistant, Mariann Schiewe, at 208-324-1344.




Call If You Can, Text If You Must!  

You can now text 911 in case of an emergency, click on the links below for the press release and the frequently asked questions page. You can also click on the photo to be taken to the public service video announcement. 

                                                                                          ~Press Release
                                                                                          ~FAQ's Page
                                                                                          ~ Another Video 


All C.A.N. phone messages will come from 208-324-1911. You can save this number as a contact in your mobile phone as C.A.N. alert and it will display on the caller ID when you receive a phone call.

                              *If you want to be directed to the Citizen Alert Notification Page, Just click on the Banner below