Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center (SIRCOMM) is a Regional Dispatch Center. SIRCOMM is responsible for dispatching Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement, and Medical Services for the following counties and the agencies within these counties. Besides dispatching Emergency Services, SIRCOMM is also responsible for contacting Disaster Services and  Public Works departments for emergencies and services.

Gooding County

Gooding County Sheriff's Office, Gooding Police Department, Hagerman Police Department, Wendell Police Department, Gooding Ambulance, Bliss QRU, Hagerman QRU, Wendell QRU, Gooding Fire Department, Wendell Fire Department, Bliss Fire Department, Hagerman Fire Department.

Jerome County

Jerome County Sheriff's Office, Jerome City Police Department, Jerome City Fire Department, Jerome Rural Fire District, First Segregation Fire District, Jerome City Fire QRU 
  Lincoln County

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Shoshone Police Department, Lincoln County Search and Rescue,  Shoshone Fire Department, Dietrich Fire Department, Richfield Fire Department,  Lincoln County EMS, Dietrich QRU, Richfield QRU

Twin Falls County

Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, Buhl Police Department, Filer Police Department, Kimberly/Hansen Police Department,Twin Falls County SWAT, Twin Falls County Search and Rescue,  Buhl Fire Department,  Filer Fire Department, Rock Creek Fire District, Salmon Tract Fire District, Castleford Fire Department, Magic Valley Paramedics, Buhl QRU, Castleford QRU,  Filer QRU, Rock Creek QRU

SIRCOMM serves a population of approximately 90,000 people, roughly six percent of Idaho's population.  There are approximately 4,500 square miles in our coverage area, which is seven percent of the state's land mass.

Population By County As of 2017

Gooding County 15,124

Jerome County 23,627

Lincoln County 5,318

Twin Falls County 85,124

Square Miles By County

Gooding County 733

Jerome County 605

Lincoln County 1,206

Twin Falls County 1,957

People Per Square Mile By County

Gooding County 19.78

Jerome County 31.4

Lincoln County 3.76

Twin Falls County 34.71

SIRCOMM's coverage area also includes approximately 400 miles of Federal and State Highways.